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The parish office has many resource referrals to help you, your family and/or friends during difficult times.

Names will be added to the next bulletin prayer list for four weeks.We appreciate the insistent efforts of Shri Tikam Singh Sanger (ACS West Gujarat) for this achievement.AIGETOA Gujarat also appreciates Shri Yash Lal (Web Secretary AIGETOA Gujarat) for working very hard for coordinating with WTR JTOs and making the event successful.For people that have such busy schedules with work and family life that socializing becomes a distant memory, online dating can be the perfect thing.With the chance to meet guys and girls with likeminded interests, you can always make sure that you have someone to talk to when you are on a business trip or simply for a few moments after the children have gone to bed before its time to do the dishes!

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In North Korea, we do not have big cosmetic surgery operations such as the cutting off of part of our jaw bones, an operation which has become quite popular in South Korea.