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Dating the enemy torrent

In which some people who saw the film lost themselves and found it frustrating, and others found a magical way of portraying the character's mind. A constant struggle in every man's life, mind, heart.

A world in which every man watching it, realizes, it is he himself, who is his worst enemy. CHARACTERS: It is one person and two faces of the same man, as the poster itself portrays. And in that urge and desire, the visuals of a crushed spider is always appear.

It's surrealism, it's ambiance, atmosphere and the theme nonetheless.

The movie is beautifully woven together into a magical and complete world of it's own. THEME: The man lost in a world of his own choices, his own desires and vices.

After that they found theirselves in eachothers bodies. The mannish acts of brett in tacha's body are marvelous.

they make you think brett is a real woman and tacha is a real man.after the film you found yourself smiling warmly.

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The film covers the conflict between a father and his son both being musicians.