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The level of CA125 may be higher in women with ovarian cancer.I have three, beautiful bred pedigree imperial Shihtzu from U S Karashishi blood lines, puppies will be DL certificates 2 girls £700 & £750 and 1 boy £650 - £150 deposit secures puppy of your choice non refundable Mothe… We have both boys and girls available and both parents are available for viewing upon visiting our Kenn…| Key points The tests and scans described in this section can show if there are abnormalities, but they cannot provide a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.The only way to confirm a diagnosis is by taking a tissue sample (biopsy) and looking at the cells under a microscope.

On this page: Physical examination | Removing fluid from the abdomen | Blood tests | Imaging and investigations | Staging and grading ovarian cancer | Prognosis | Which health professionals will I see?The software analyzed more than 6000 barks from 14 Hungarian sheepdogs (Mudi breed) in six different situations: ‘stranger’, ‘fight’, ‘walk’, ‘alone’, ‘ball’ and ‘play’.The barks were recorded with a tape recorder before being transferred to the computer, where they were digitalized and individual bark sounds were coded, classified and evaluated.Computer programs may be the most accurate tool for studying acoustic communications amongst animals.New software is able to classify dog barks according to different situations and even identify barks from individual dogs, a task humans find challenging.

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