Awstats stopped updating cpanel

Posted by / 28-Mar-2020 16:44

Awstats stopped updating cpanel

Sometimes a server can get behind on its statistical report calculations, typically because most processes that run on the server that are vital to your website being up, have a higher priority than statistic processing.

to manage software raid arrays; it assumes you have a good understanding of software RAID and Linux in general, and it will just explain the commands line usage of mdadm.

Because afterr nginx installation my awstat stop any counts. In that page you cans see all you statistic program for all your account on WHM.

At first i had: So i went on WHM panel, left sidebar, Server Configuration, Statistic software.

This update may be delayed by high server load or software problems.

If you want to manually refresh website stats, follow the steps below: for c Panel paper_lantern themefor c Panel x3 themefor c Panel paper_lantern theme:1. Find the tmp/awstats/awstats.conf file, right-click on it and select Edit: 3.

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I did get one error whilst trying to do what some one else suggested, i enabled the update awstats link, when clicked it said about access or combined logs, i had it set to access, so changed to combined, the erro what, then said about 0 logs curropt...