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They instantly clicked — she is a sexually free, spirited hippie; he is a “sexual healer,” and much ado is made about his spirit fingers — and decided to do what many people do when they are ready to start a life together: They got married in front of reality show cameras while completely nude.

a surprise is that, apparently, this wasn’t the network’s doing — rather, it was the couple that came up with the idea.

I wish you have the same interests with me, and the same goals in life - we will never know it without communication, so I will be happy to know you and see, whether we can find the common language or not.

I like traveling, as communication with people and knowing their culture, mentality and traditions seems exciting for me.

Where else are you going to find people to attend a naked wedding besides putting out some very questionable Craigslist ads?

It’s a very Reality Show Wedding in that it looks less like a wedding than like another episode of television.

Everywhere and no-where, I can't imagine anything lonelier.

It is as far away as the horizon, and as close as your breath.

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Suddenly, I was walking toward the church steps with a dark purple wooden box, as a wedding present.

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  1. “She even sent him a script behind Brad’s back a couple of years ago.” Whoa! Another insider previously told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that Brad really wouldn’t be “shocked” if his estranged wife was dating Jared as he’s always known about her “crush.” Brad and Angelina split in September 2016 when she filed for divorce and it was only recently that rumors of a relationship between her and Jared started up.