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", to which I'm thinking "love me like you used to! In the past year especially, we have had fights where divorce was threatened or I would threaten to leave but we'd always make it up, just to go through it all again.

Sitting at her headquarters — the large oak dining table in her classically decorated apartment — she showed me a folder on her i Phone home screen titled “WORK.” Inside, there are a dozen dating apps, like Bumble, The League, JSwipe, and Ok Cupid.That would be Meredith Golden, New York City’s Tinder whisperer.I met the psychotherapist-turned-dating-coach last month, and she walked me through how she helps her clients succeed on dating apps — by impersonating them.I love my wife very much but our relationship has been rocky for the past 2-3 years due to an incident that occurred that I don't think she's gotten over (nor will ever get over).It's a VERY long story but the short version is this: I had chronic pain and became addicted to painkiller medications, thereby becoming a full-blown addict and consequently went into recovery and have been managing that for the past 2 years (have been 100% clean and sober during that time, and still am).

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The problem is I am finding myself starting to "crush" on this girl and clearly that could be a problem if not handled in just the right way!

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